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Jan. 7th, 2004 @ 09:45 pm
It all begins with a simple kiss
to throw me into the dark abiss.
falling falling into the bliss
my heart skips doesn't want to miss
the feeling of warmth amist all this

Its hurls you into love so calm
with the taste of cherry lip balm
face to face and palm to palm
hoping this lasts all night long.
feeling so right, can't be wrong.

when it ends you just cry
can't go on, you want to die.
you get depressed you can't get by.
just to think it took one kiss.
to start up all of this.

Friends Only Dec. 21st, 2003 @ 09:35 pm
This community is friends only community. This is because of the following reasons:
1) We hand pick our members
2) Prodigys don't tak Lik DiS.
3) We try and avoid ramdom people from joining.

If you would like to be added, comment here and leave a link to a special art work you (or someone else) have written or created. If you are chosen as a Prodigy, you should be very proud. To find out if you are actually a Prodigy, take this IQ Test.

Remember, we are looking for people who have an incredible talent and drive. Progies cannot be created, they are born. We will post all new prodigys with descriptions on this site.
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